Black tail ponds 3-29-2012 (Forum Post)

by DS8i on Thu Mar 29, 2012 4:52 pm
The past 2 weeks, 2 bison have died in the waters of blacktail ponds, as well as several from earlier in the winter. Yesterday, we drove past for work, and there was a blacktail pack mangy pup on the kill with the rest of the pack bedded across blacktail creek. I took off work early (not much to do), and decided, despite the hard rain that was turning to snow, to head to the ponds. Well luck have it, the wolves had just returned to the one bison carcass. there were 8 of the 9 black tail wolves there, although several never approached cause they are scaredy cats. then like clock work, a big boar griz came rumbling down the hill behind us charged the carcass and ate til dark. Heres some pics, they are pretty grainy and im not super happy with them, i had to bump iso up to 400 (bear was 1000) due to the heavy cloud cover.

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