How Many Elk A Year Do Wolves Kill In THE GYE? (Forum Hot Topic)

Post by JohnnyB on Fri Apr 06, 2012 3:26 pm
If this weren’t a politically charged issue I’d of put it in campfire talk. There’s been some contest around here as to what the actual number is and I must admit I’m far from certain.

In another thread a poster questioned how a wolf could EAT so many elk? I saw something where it was posted they eat just about everything but the hide. Well, contrary to popular mythology we know from Barry Lopez’s Introduction to “Of Wolves And Men” that wolves do not always consume the entire edible portion of an elk or any other ungualte they kill nor do they exclusively hunt the sick and old.

Now with packs of course multiple wolves kill and consume portions of single kills, but what’ do you think is the annual ratio of wolf killed elk per individaul wolf? I’m just curious to what everyone’s opinions on the numbers might be. Montana FWP estimates between 11/1 and 35/1:

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