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by MGoBlue on Thu Sep 20, 2012 8:21 pm

Hoggie and Dylan recently posted much better shots of these two bulls at China Garden, but not interacting. On Saturday they decided to duke it out on the traffic island at Mammoth — not the place for good images, but it’s fascinating to watch elk — and human — behavior at close range. One of these guys bedded down with a few cows right underneath our window at the MHS hotel and bugled off and on throughout the night.No idea how it got started — must have been years in the past — but the traffic islands at Mammoth have been fought over (and peed on!) so much that they seem to have become something like
Madison Square Garden for bull elk.Looking for some butt to kick — At least he uses the crosswalk!Image
DSC_6242.jpg by chestercheetah7, on FlickrChallenge accepted:Image
DSC_6254.jpg by chestercheetah7, on Flickr

This traffic island ain’t big enough for the both of us!

DSC_6256.jpg by chestercheetah7, on Flickr[break]

DSC_6259.jpg by chestercheetah7, on Flickr


DSC_6265.jpg by chestercheetah7, on Flickr

Mine! All mine!!

DSC_6274.jpg by chestercheetah7, on Flickr

Remember this if the picnic tables are full and you’re tempted to have a picnic on the grass….

DSC_6280.jpg by chestercheetah7, on Flickr

Polishing the antlers for the next battle….

DSC_6287.jpg by chestercheetah7, on Flickr

So whaddya think, Wildlife Management Guy? Am I the King, or What???

DSC_6288.jpg by chestercheetah7, on Flickr

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” — Walt Kelly

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