Max’s Trip Report: Days 6 & 7 – Forum Post

by Max on Tue May 22, 2012 6:37 pm


Day 6
Jenn was starting to feel under the weather, so she stayed in on this particular morning, but my friend Brian (who’s visiting for a few days) was happy to take her spot after spending the entire previous day indoors. It was another sunny day, and as has become the norm on this trip, one of the first major sightings involved moose. The bulls that had previously been on the hillside in Round Prairie were down in the willows near the road. The sun rose over the mountains as we arrived, giving us a great view of these giants as they munched on their veggies.The rest of the morning drive was fairly quiet, possibly highlighted by the somewhat odd sight of a red-tailed hawk on the ground at the Roosevelt ranger station… or perhaps the adorable bison calves frolicking near the road in the morning light. Read the rest
Day 4 – Discussion Fourm – Trip Reports

by YSNUT on Mon Apr 23, 2012 8:30 pm

What a great beginning to the day. I was going east out of Mamoth just at first light when a grey wolf ran across the road just in front of me. It ran a short distance and stopped on a small hill. I watched it for a few minutes but then it went out of sight. As I continued on down the road I notice a small group all looking in the direction that the wolf had taken. Thinking maybe the wolf would go after the elk I turned around and went back towards Mamoth. At the same place where the first wolf crossed the road 7 more followed. They all ran out into the sagebrush and held a meet and greet. Just then a 9th wolf crossed the road. He looked frightened and had his tail tucked between his legs. When the others saw him they immediately charged in his direction. He ran back across the road and one of the other 8 chased after him. The other 7 continued east and out of sight. Just after we lost sight of them the 2 appeared near the road and began to bark and howl trying to find the others. Some photographers got too close and they left the area. We did not see them again. One of the rangers informed us that this pack were the Blacktails.

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Day 3 – Discussion Fourm – Trip Reports

by YSNUT on Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:39 pm

I didn’t get out until mid-afternoon today and drove all the way to Pebble Creek without seeing anythingg significant . I figured it was going to be a lost day until I came across a black bear about 2 or 3 miles east of Phantom Lake. I stopped at Blacktail Lakes to scope out the carcass that is just visible in one of the ponds. I had decided to stay just until 5:00 PM but a photographer I know stopped and while we were talking an uncolored grey wolf came down the side of the pond and jumped in and swam out to the carcass. He did a quick swim by and the got out of the water, shook himself and went back to the east. He went about 1/4 mile and recovered an earlier cache.

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