Day 3 – Discussion Fourm – Trip Reports

by YSNUT on Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:39 pm

I didn’t get out until mid-afternoon today and drove all the way to Pebble Creek without seeing anythingg significant . I figured it was going to be a lost day until I came across a black bear about 2 or 3 miles east of Phantom Lake. I stopped at Blacktail Lakes to scope out the carcass that is just visible in one of the ponds. I had decided to stay just until 5:00 PM but a photographer I know stopped and while we were talking an uncolored grey wolf came down the side of the pond and jumped in and swam out to the carcass. He did a quick swim by and the got out of the water, shook himself and went back to the east. He went about 1/4 mile and recovered an earlier cache. Apparently earlier in the day he had gone out the carcass and removed the fetus and carried it away and that was what he was eating. After about 20 or 30 people showed up to watch he had had enough and over the hill he went.

I heard the following reports but didn’t actually see any of these. The Lamar Canyons had a kill at the Confluence and an un-pregnant 06 was seen there. The 8 Mollies that had gone back to Pelican Valley came back and there are now 17 in and around Wrecker. 3 Agates were also seen in the area. A grizzly was seen south of the Buffalo Ranch and the Canyons were back on the kill at China Gardens early Sunday morning.

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