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Posted: Sat May 12, 2018 12:51 am
by yellvet
Thought I'd pass on the link to the dual 24/7 live streaming webcams that are monitoring the Hellgate Osprey nest in Missoula, MT. This is my second year watching the nest....pretty interesting to watch Lewis and Iris as they try to have another family. If you're interested in watching all the action, here's the link: ... e_Ospreys/

I watched the nest tonight from about 7:45pm to 10pm. Here's a short recap to bring you up to speed:
At 7:30pm Lewis and Iris were both in the nest. Lewis took off to go hunting sometime between 8 and 8:15pm while Iris remained at the nest laying on her eggs. At 8:42pm Lewis returned to the nest with some yucky looking carrion...not fish. He fed Iris and immediately took off, again. The rivers in MT are running off right now so I suspect that Lewis may be having a difficult time trying to catch fish because the water level is rising, the water is murky and it's flowing dangerously fast. Lewis had the same problem last year. At 9pm the lights came on in the parking lot where the nest is located. By 10pm, Lewis hadn't returned to the nest. And Iris was still waiting for him to feed her. She didn't appear to be anxious, though. She picked up some twigs, put them over the eggs and then carefully positioned her body over the twig-covered eggs to keep them warm. By that time, it was dark. Iris didn't move much but she was still looking around, watching and waiting, patiently, for Lewis. So where's Lewis? In recent years, he hasn't proven himself to be very good at fishing in less than ideal conditions. So has he become a night fisherman? If so, he's gonna need a very bright moon tonight if he wants to catch a fish. Or has Lewis simply moved on to greener pastures, abandoning Iris and their offspring? Guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if Lewis is still around. Personally, I'd like to give Lewis the benefit of a doubt. Considering that it's Friday night, maybe he just went out for a cruise around Missoula and plans to return to the nest and Iris in the wee hours of the morning. Ya think? :)