Lost cutthroat affecting so many other animals

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Lost cutthroat affecting so many other animals

Post by lah » Mon Jul 02, 2018 10:10 am

Pretty interesting article about the wide-ranging challenges. I knew it, but this really drives it home more


https://www.nationalgeographic.com/envi ... e-animals/

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Re: Lost cutthroat affecting so many other animals

Post by yellvet » Sun Jul 15, 2018 6:53 pm

Linda, thanks for posting the link to the article. It's an important article that everyone should read, especially, for folks who love to watch/photograph Yellowstone birds. I even included the link to the article in my recent trip report because I saw so few ducks and birds this year on my recent trip. The rivers in the Park are still high and running off. And the high water and all the June rain destroyed many bird nests and this year's offspring.

Anglers should take note that fishing was fairly marginal in late June and earlier this month due to the high water. And probably won't pick up until after the stream water levels drop another 6-12 inches. Hatches were minimal but the biting flies and mosquitoes were out in force. Came home 3 days earlier than we had originally planned because of all the biting flies. If anyone is panning a trip to the Park this month or in August, I highly recommend that you bring along a bug net to wear over your hat and face and use a tube of Benadryl cream to ease the pain and the itch of fly bites. Wearing thin surgical gloves will also save your hands. I use them whenever I'm fishing or whenever I'm taking pix in tall grass areas. The biting flies bugs can't penetrate them.

You can blame all the late spring moisture in June for the marginal fishing conditions and for all the biting black flies and mosquitoes. Even the bears were swatting 'em. You can still have a great time in the Park, however....just come prepared and you'll be just fine. My hubby caught several beautiful Godzilla trout, with most being over 18 inches. The most productive flies? A brown #14 or #16 Parachute Adams and a small, light-colored PMD. Now that you know what works, go out and wet a line! You won't regret it! A friend of ours was camped in the third meadow and reported that he was catching big fish on almost every cast. When we left the Park last Thursday, the Lamar and Soda Butte were both running chocolate (muddy) from all the June rain. Now that the weather seems to have stabilized, I suspect that the fishing will be picking up.

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