Yellowstone Picnic Trail

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Mike W.
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Yellowstone Picnic Trail

Post by Mike W. » Mon Sep 24, 2018 12:54 am

I've heard for years it's a good trail so I took it this year. Not the most impressive I've seen, but not half bad either. I took it up, then hung a left on the Specimen Ridge Trail, continued down towards, but not quite to the road and finally back to where we were parked. Odd thing was everyone was coming back a parallel (?) trail that returned to the parking area a bit to the right of the main (?) trail and no one else seemed to have taken the full route I did. What's it all about, which is which, what's better and all that stuff.

FWIW, coming back on the trail, which is near the road, but not on the road as some places suggest, I have to admit I was a little uneasy. Seemed like perfect bear habitat with the trees, shade and all. Kept an eye out and called hey bear more than a few times, never saw one, but it looked perfect, though perhaps a bit close to the road.

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Re: Yellowstone Picnic Trail

Post by RikWriter » Mon Sep 24, 2018 4:42 am

I've seen many black bear there in the spring. Also seen fox, badger, marmot, mountain bluebird, bighorn ewes and rams, pronghorn and deer. And, of course, bison.

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Re: Yellowstone Picnic Trail

Post by Kat » Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:22 pm

My husband and I enjoy this hike and take it every time we visit, usually mid-morning. Only once did we ascend via the side closest to the canyon, but found that approach slick with damp spring mud and steeper than the easier path that is more parallel to the road. I did not think the views of the canyon in that area were worth that asccent. We have had to avoid grazing bighorn ewes in that wooded, grassy part of the trail closer to the road, but never saw a bear (we do carry bear spray). Next June we had planned to take our grandchildren (ages 8-14) up there, but now may reconsider.

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