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Weather Alert

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 12:15 pm
by yellvet
Heads up if you're heading to the Park. We've had snow in the Beartooth's the past two nights. Not much along the north slope but enough to make the roads icy and hazardous. Looks like there are some road closures in Yellowstone along with a weather alert. Thought you might like the Park link if you need more info. As much as hate to see snow in September, hopefully, it will put an end to many of the fires in MT. This was Montana's worst fire season on record.

For info on the driving conditions on Hwy 212 through the Beartooth Pass and through other MT passes, you'll find all the details here:

Be safe everyone and make sure your vehicle is equipped for winter driving and emergencies. Nicer weather should be coming soon but ya need to be prepared just in case Mother Nature has her own fall and winter agenda for the Yellowstone region.