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Lens question - Canon 100mm IS Macro

Posted: Sun May 27, 2018 11:24 am
by yellvet
Got 2 quick questions on the Canon 100mm IS macro lens. I've got the original version of the 100mm F2.8 macro and a 7D that I've used before for photographing wildflowers. 1) Do you think that it would be worth the cost to upgrade to the 100mm IS version and 2) Has anyone ever used a 100mm IS macro to photograph short/mid range wildlife pix and/or head & shoulder wildlife portraits? When attached to a crop sensor camera, the long end of lens would be 160mm. Was thinking that this combination might make a dandy setup for taking lose-up pix of the critters at our campsite this summer. Any thoughts? Thanks for your feedback. Thought about this last night, while I was laying in bed. The combo and application sounded kind of interesting. :)