May 9 to May 17

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May 9 to May 17

Post by NJMike » Fri May 24, 2019 5:42 am

My wife and I spent that time in SW Montana and NW Wyoming and got into the Park for two whole days via Cody and the East Entrance. I apologize for know knowing specific names for specific areas in the Park where we saw various animals, but the Park did not disappoint. We had never been there that early in the year. We saw numerous black bears with cubs, including a Cinnamon at Tower. Others between Mammoth and Tower. We saw grizzlies, some with cubs (one with three) at various locations, I'd say from Sylvan Pass down to the Lake area. I remember one was at a distance at Phantom Lake, as well. Some were so CLOSE it was unbelievable and lots of folks were outside their cars well within 30 yards. At times, single grizzlies walked past our car within 20 yards. One was high on a bank and then walked to the road through a snow bank and it was so cool to see, as there was some sublimation in progress and the bear look as though it was emerging from a mist. I have some nice photos but cannot figure out how to post here. We saw most of the other macro-fauna in their usual spots, including three nice mature bighorns in the Sylvan Pass area. My main goal was to get some decent pictures of a yellow-headed blackbird, which I did at Floating Isle (?) Lake. I really wanted to see and photograph a Steller's Jay, but failed. Maybe next time. Same for Great Gray Owls - we ended up at a marina down by the Lake and there were a group of folks there who had seen one and were still looking, but no luck for us. We went as far as Lamar one of the two days and saw very little. No wolves, though I do not follow their story, but I do remember in years past we seemed to always be able to find a few.

Being from the East, we do not have the opportunity to get out that way as much as we'd have liked over the years, but that will change soon. We just fledged our last kid from College and bought ourselves a present - a house just outside of Red Lodge. So we hope to visit the Park more frequently during the "off-season".

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Re: May 9 to May 17

Post by billandkaren » Fri May 24, 2019 8:43 pm

Welcome NJ Mike. We were in the area the last two weeks spending about every other day in the park and I agree, it was amazing this year. This was also our first time spending extended time in May though we have spent long weekends the last several years. The bears were very active and wolves were around on several trips in Lamar.

I'm sure you will enjoy having a place near Red Lodge. We bought a little place about 15 minutes outside the West Entrance three years ago and have really enjoyed not only the parks, but getting to know the areas around the parks. We have been really surprised at the stuff in the national forests and other places that are outside the parks. I'm sure you will find that as well.

Best wishes,

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