July 11-15

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Mike W.
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July 11-15

Post by Mike W. » Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:18 pm

Every trip is different, as it should be.

Busy, but not as busy this year as our last visit 3 years ago. Thankfully. Mammoth was dry again as it's been in our trips since '04. Really we just spent a few minutes there, it wasn't worth bothering with IMO. Not as many animals out in the Lamar Valley, but again it's up and down. Did see a I think it was Black with 3 cubs near tower. Parks guide (not sure of her exact title, but not a ranger) seemed slightly nervous as she was trying to direct traffic and keep an eye on the bears without even bear spray. No bears in our time in Hayden Valley either. But we drive and watch, not park for hours so I know it's hit or miss. The new trail and overlook at Grand Prismatic was great! Took the little boat tour on Yellowstone Lake, I forget the price but it wasn't much, a rare bargain in the Park these days. Food at the lodges was much better than our last trip in '15, but not as good as 5-10 years ago. They still have a high priority on moving people in and out quickly, but didn't totally ignore the product this time. Knew it in advance but was disappointed in the closures around Yellowstone Falls. Every trip is different and it seemed like this was a water trip, I took lots of pics near and in streams and rivers.

Canyon. What the hell happened there. Looks like an upmarket ski area now. Just a few cabins left, but lots of large hotel buildings. They'll probably sell out at $300 a night or something, and I guess are somewhat more space efficient than the old cabins, but damn, not where I want to stay. Oh well, time marches on.

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Re: July 11-15

Post by yellvet » Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:34 pm

I hear ya, Mike..........Sure wish we could go back to the good ole days.... when Yellowstone bears outnumbered people, you could hike for miles and never see another person and you could sit at the counter at the Canyon Soda Fountain and eat giant-size pancakes for less than $5 that were bigger than your plate. Breakfast was served on real china plates and you were also given real silverware to use and not just paper plates and plastic forks, knives and spoons. Back then, visitors were appreciated and wildlife was treasured. Guess that's what happens when "progress" and too many greedy pencil pushers and visitors take over. Almost makes me feel like crying and singing the blues for Yellowstone, "You've lost that loving feeling!" :cry:

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