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Finally found the big ones!

by MGoBlue on Sun Nov 18, 2012 6:21 pm

Turned out the third time was the charm — It’s not really that hard, but we’d tried twice before to find the massive vertical petrified trees on Specimen Ridge. These are among the ones featured in Knowlton’s 1921 monograph for the USGS called Fossil Forests of the Yellowstone National Park, which you can access online at http://www.nps.gov/history/history/onli … /index.htm. They’re actually visible from the road below, if you know exactly where to look.This shows the enormous redwood — At the bottom right you can see the upper portion of the two tall pines that stand below it like sentinels:Image
by chestercheetah7, on FlickrCarolyn standing beside the redwood, for scale:Image
by chestercheetah7, on FlickrBetter views of the two sentinel pines:Image
by chestercheetah7, on FlickrImage
by chestercheetah7, on FlickrImage
by chestercheetah7, on Flickr

The redwood from below — It’s hard to tell where its roots leave off and what may be a massive horizontal petrified log begins:

by chestercheetah7, on Flickr

There are three ways you can get to them — From above (difficult), from below (difficult), and crossing the hillside on an easy trail that’s nearly level. (Well, it’s easy after you’ve climbed about a thousand feet up the social trail from the road below! :D ) Any Forum member who’s planning to visit this amazing sacred place, PM us and I can give you the GPS coordinates of the turnoff onto the trail.

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