Grizzly Lake

Trailhead: 1 mile (1 km) south of Beaver Lake on the Mammoth-Norris road
Distance: 4 miles (6 km) roundtrip
Level of difficulty: Moderate with some short, steep climbs and rolling terrain.
Note: A log jam crossing is required to continue past Grizzly Lake.

This trail traverses through an area that not only was burned in the fires of 1988, but also in a 1976 fire. Starting out in a meadow, the trail then climbs 250 feet up a ridge. The trail then travels through burned forest and along a meadow in which elk can sometimes be spotted. Wildflowers can be seen along the trail in early summer. The trail also has a reputation of harboring a large mosquito population in the early summer. The route offers great views of Mount Holmes and the Gallatin Range, thanks largely to the 1988 fires. After arriving at a ridge above Grizzly Lake, the trail drops 300 feet to the shore of the Lake. From on top, the Lake is an eerie sight, as it is totally surrounded by burned trees.