Our first Trip Report – June 16th – Day 9 (Forum Post)

by GeorgiaPhotog on Fri Jun 29, 2012 6:33 am
Day 9 – June 16, 2012 – Saturday:

We slept better during the night. Our cabin cooled down with the windows left open. We still haven’t run the heater and never would during our 4-night stay at Canyon. We were up early and out in Hayden Valley by 5AM. We stopped at Alum Creek hoping to get some sunrise photos but there was a huge amount of fog hanging low over the valley. As we were standing there we heard a group of wolves howling in the distance. That sent chills down our spines, in addition to the chills just from being so darn cold!A little artistic treatment on this one:



After the sun was up and starting to break through the fog, we started to head towards Grizzly Overlook but I spotted a coyote and immediately turned around back to Alum Creek since he was headed that way. We got well in front of him and captured some photos as he came right towards us, then he turned and walked out through the sagebrush. We drove around a few times but there was nothing else stirring in the valley.

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Trip Report – (YNet Discussion Fourms)

by Dan on Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:54 pm

Day 1 – Arrived thru the east entrance out of Cody around 4pm. Saw a momma and baby moose about 5 miles past the entrance, a grizzly just west of Sylvan lake and a black at Tower. Time for Bed!

Day 2 – Vicki and I Met Bruce Gourley and Ken Drury and his daughter for a hike to Mystic Falls this Morning. The weather was a pain because it rained, then the sun came out, then rained, etc. Afterwards we all went to Canyon for lunch, only to find out the thunderstorm knocked out the power, so we made do with what we had in our cars. We then drove over to Tower, stopping along the way to see if we could spot any wildlife, which we didn’t. We parted company there and headed back to the Lake for a late afternoon nap. That evening in S. Hayden, it hailed like crazy for 5-10 minutes. We drove north and stopped at Grizzly Overlook and saw 2 black Canyon wolves in the distance.

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June 2-9th Wildlife Love Affair Again

by brentawp on Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:57 am

There are many thoughts that come to mind for these eight shooting days, not the least of which is rain. But during these two four-day photo safaris I was leading we came away with amazing experiences and some great images. Not all experiences lead to photos, but most in Yellowstone do.

The number of black bears from the Blacktail Lakes to above Tower was impressive. No one in Yellowstone failed to see bears if they wandered up this road during any particular day at any particular time. The male Cinnamon black bear was a true actor and seemed to perform best when more folks were watching him. I shot him standing, scratching, stretching, strutting, rolling, eating, mating, and running. While everyone calls the black sow near Rainy Lake “Rosie” – the real Rosie died decades ago – so she would be more aptly named “Rosie’s Granddaughter”. Her and her cubs put on a great show for us, though we never crossed passes too closely, and never got any stunning images. On one pass around the Big Curve near the Calcite Cliffs we couldn’t spot her, but her cubs were fifty feet up a pine tree doing some death-defying, branch balancing, wrestling moves.

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