Planet Yellowstone: Live from the park, part 8

by Helene on Wed May 30, 2012 10:31 pm

No Internet yesterday, just got in the Motel 6 in Jackson. Scrambling to keep up late in the game too, I’ve been talking (and seeing) too much and writing too little. So here is the old news first, hopefully I can tell you about today, tomorrow.

May 28, am
The morning drive got underway at 6:20 am and it included sightings of 2 black bears (a cinnamon at Elk Creek and a black a hair east and across the road from Floating Island Lake), a coyote (going downhill on Tower Road), a red tailed hawk (perched on a treetop in Little America) and Ria & Al, plus her folks (parked at Roosevelt). The Ria sighting was a revelation in itself, and on top of that she confessed to having illegally brought some pretty rotten North Dakota weather to Yellowstone.

The good old boys club of bighorn rams got together at the Yellowstone picnic area, and a frivolous ewe was getting the attention of some of the lads. Her coat looked a little moth-eaten, but she did a good job of selling her hide to the highest bidder.


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Max’s Trip Report: Days 12 & 13

Day 12
More gray, more snow, more of the same. Details are beginning to blur since so many of these days feature the same conditions and few standout sightings. Jenn and I caught our daily moose fix with the cow and yearling on the north side of the road at Warm Creek. We passed through the Lamar and Little America, encountering very little oncoming traffic. At Roosevelt we learned why. The road was closed heading west from Roosevelt Junction.

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Max’s Trip Report: Days 6 & 7 – Forum Post

by Max on Tue May 22, 2012 6:37 pm


Day 6
Jenn was starting to feel under the weather, so she stayed in on this particular morning, but my friend Brian (who’s visiting for a few days) was happy to take her spot after spending the entire previous day indoors. It was another sunny day, and as has become the norm on this trip, one of the first major sightings involved moose. The bulls that had previously been on the hillside in Round Prairie were down in the willows near the road. The sun rose over the mountains as we arrived, giving us a great view of these giants as they munched on their veggies.The rest of the morning drive was fairly quiet, possibly highlighted by the somewhat odd sight of a red-tailed hawk on the ground at the Roosevelt ranger station… or perhaps the adorable bison calves frolicking near the road in the morning light.

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