Yellowstone National Park has 12 campgrounds with over 2,000 sites. Yellowstone National Park Lodges takes reservations for five of these.  The rest are first-come, first-served. For details and links to more information, check out the table below.

Please make your reservations early and/or plan to secure your campsite as early in the day as possible. Campgrounds may fill by early morning, especially during peak season (early July-late August).

It is recommended that people driving recreational vehicles over 30′ make a reservation since there are a limited number of campsites over 30′ available in Yellowstone. Large RV sites are located at Flagg Ranch, Fishing Bridge RV Park, West Yellowstone and Gardiner.

Campsite Availability & Reservations
Availability is first-come, first serve at the following seven campgrounds in Yellowstone National Park: Indian Creek, Lewis Lake, Mammoth, Norris, Pebble Creek, Slough Creek, and Tower Fall. Campgrounds may be filled by 11 a.m.; arrive early to obtain a site. Overnight camping of any type (tent, vehicle, or RV) outside designated campgrounds is not permitted. Campsite occupancy is limited to 6 people per site.

Length of Stay
Camping is limited to 14 days from July 1 through Labor Day (first Monday in September) and to 30 days the rest of the year; no limit at Fishing Bridge.

Drinking Water, Campfires, Grills & Stoves
Drinking water is normally available in all campgrounds with occasional exceptions. Campfires, including those in portable wood or propane fire pits, are prohibited in the Fishing Bridge RV Park. Wood and charcoal fires are permitted in all other campground locations, though special fire restrictions are occasionally put in place when the danger of wildland fires is great. If you plan to light a fire in the park, please ask about current fire restrictions at the entrance station when you arrive. Propane grills and stoves are normally not restricted.

Table of campgrounds with reservable sites through Yellowstone National Park Lodges.
Campground 2021 Dates Nightly Fee* Sites Amenities
Bridge Bay 6/11–9/6 $27 432 A,B,F,NS,D,Gn,Gs
Canyon 5/21–9/19 $32 273 A,B,F,S/L,2S,D,Gn
Fishing Bridge RV Park CLOSED ALL 2021 346 A,F,H,S/L,2S,D,Gn
Grant Village 6/18–9/12 $32 430 A,B,F,S/L,2S,D,Gn,Gs
Madison 5/14–10/17 $27 278 A,B,F,NS,D,Gn,Gs

2021 Campground Information

Dates are subject to change depending on weather and other factors. Campgrounds close at 11 am on the date listed.

Campground Dates Nightly Fee Sites Elevation (ft) Features RV Sites**
Reservable Sites
Bridge Bay 05/18-09/23 $27* 432 7,800 A,B,F,NS,DS,G Check Yellowstone National Park Lodges for details & reservations
Canyon 05/25-09/23 $32* 273 7,900 A,B,F,S/L,2S,DS,G
Fishing Bridge RV Park -Closed 2021 05/11-09/05 $47.75* 340 7,800 F,S/L,2S,DS,G,H (hard-sided only)
Grant Village 06/08-09/16 $32* 430 7,800 A,B,F,S/L,2S,DS,G
Madison 04/27-10/14 $27* 278 6,800 A,B,F,NS,DS,G
First-come, First-served Sites (see map for recent fill times)
Indian Creek 06/08-09/10 $20 70 7,300 A,B,V 10@ 35′; 35@30′
Lewis Lake 06/15-11/04 $20 85 7,800 B,V 25′ or less
Mammoth All year $25 85 6,200 A,B,F,G In the winter season, there is a very tight turn – 30′ total length limit for RVs or vehicle/trailer combinations
Norris -Closed 2021 05/18-09/24 $20 111 7,500 A,B,F,G 2 @ 50′ (signed); 5 @30′
Pebble Creek 06/15-09/24 $20 27 6,900 A,B,V Some long pull-throughs
Slough Creek 06/15-10/09 $20 16 6,250 A,V 14 @ 30′ (walk through first to assess)
Tower Fall – Closed 2021 05/25-09/24 $15 31 6,600 B,V 30′ or less (loop has hairpin curve)

– Rate does not include tax or utility pass-through
** – Sizes are for total length of vehicle and towed equipment
A – Accessible sites available
B – Limited number of campsites set aside for bicyclists and hikers: check availability at the campground.
F – Flush toilets
H – Full hookups
V – Vault toilet
S/L – Pay showers/laundry onsite
NS – Showers not included
2S – Two showers included each night
DS – Dump station (may close when temperatures are below freezing)
G – Generators OK 8 am to 8pm (60db limit)
m. on the date listed