Where should I stay in Yellowstone?

Lake Hotel

If you wish to lodge inside of Yellowstone National Park, it is best to plan well ahead of time as most of the rooms inside the park fill a year ahead of time.

The park is very large. When choosing a lodging option, one approach is to pick a hotel or lodge near attractions you wish to visit.

Be advised that lodging inside Yellowstone contains no televisions, swimming pools or many other modern amenities.

Old Faithful Inn

Built in 1903/04, the Old Faithful Inn is the most iconic and most popular lodge in Yellowstone. A world-renowned lodge made of lodgepole pine logs, the Inn features a variety of rooms and is situated in Old Faithful Village adjacent to the Upper Geyser Basin and near Old Faithful Geyser, the most popular attraction in the park. Other lodging options in the village include the Old Faithful Snow Lodge (hotel rooms and cabins) and the Old Faithful Lodge (cabins).

Many other lodging options are also available in Yellowstone.

Lake Village is home to the Lake Yellowstone Hotel and Cabins, the most upscale lodging facilities in the park. Also in Lake Village are the Lake Lodge and Cabins, another popular lodging option.

Also in the interior of Yellowstone is the newly-remodeled Canyon Lodge and Cabins, located near the Grand Canyon and Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River.

North of the Canyon Lodge and Cabins is the Roosevelt Lodge, the smallest of the lodging villages and the most rustic cabins in the park.

The Mammoth Hotel and Cabins in Mammoth Hot Springs are located near Yellowstone’s northern entrance. Grant Village Hotel, a 1960s-era structure, is near the southern entrance.

In addition to lodges, hotels and cabins, many roadside public campgrounds are available throughout Yellowstone.