Picnic Areas

There are 49 picnic areas in the park.

Fires are permitted only in picnic areas with fire grates. Charcoal grills may only be used in areas with fire grates. There are fire grates in the following picnic areas: Bridge Bay, Cascade Lake Trail, East Lot (Old Faithful Area), Grant Village, Nez Perce, Norris Meadows, Snake River, Spring Creek and Yellowstone River. Gas stoves may be utilized for meal preparation in any picnic area. Camping is Not Allowed in any picnic area. There is no water at any picnic area and most have pit toilets.

Special fire restrictions are occasionally put in place when the danger of wildland fires is great. If you plan to light a fire in the park, please ask about current fire restrictions at the entrance station when you arrive.

Picnic Area Details

Albright: 4 tables, accessible toilet nearby.
Apollinaris Spring: 6 tables, toilet.
Arch Park: 5 tables, 1 fire grate, accessible toilet nearby.
Beaver Lake: 9 tables, toilet.
Bridge Bay: 23 tables (one accessible), 3 fire grates, accessible toilet.
Caldera Rim: 3 tables, accessible toilet.
Cascade: 6 tables, accessible toilet
Cascade Lake: 16 tables (one accessible), 5 fire grates, accessible toilet.
Cave Falls: 4 tables, accessible toilet.
Chittenden Bridge/Wapiti Lake: 6 tables, toilet.
DeLacy Creek: 10 tables, toilet.
Dunraven Road: 12 tables, toilet.
Eleanor Lake: 2 tables, toilet.
East Divide: 14 tables, toilet.
East Lot: 13 tables (one accessible), toilet.
Firehole River: 12 tables, accessible toilet.
Fisherman’s Access (Angler’s Bluff): 5 tables, toilet.
Fishing Bridge: 11 tables, toilet nearby.
Gardner River: 3 tables (one accessible), accessible toilet across road from picnic area.
Gibbon Falls: 7 tables, accessible toilet.
Gibbon Meadows: 10 tables, accessible toilet.
Gull Point: 21 tables, toilet.
Grant Village: 16 tables (one accessible), 11 fire grates, accessible toilet.
Hard Road to Travel: 5 tables, accessible toilet.
Iron Spring: 5 tables, accessible toilet.
Lake Village: 4 tables, no toilet.
Lava Creek: 5 tables, toilet.
LeHardy: 7 tables, toilet.
Lewis Lake: 9 tables, toilet.
Madison River: 9 tables, toilet.
Madison Junction: 14 tables (1 accessible), accessible toilets, 3 fire grates.
Mammoth: 9 tables, accessible toilet nearby.
Nez Perce: 13 tables, 3 fire grates, accessible toilet.
Nez Perce Ford: 20 tables, toilet.
Norris Meadows: 9 tables, 2 fire grates (one accessible), toilet.
Otter Creek: 8 tables (two accessible), no toilet.
Pumice Point: 2 tables, no toilet.
Sand Point: 16 tables, toilet.
Sedge Bay: 3 tables, toilet.
Sheepeater Cliff: 5 tables (one accessible), toilet.
Snake River: 8 tables, 6 fire grates, accessible toilet.
Soda Butte: 7 tables (one accessible), accessible toilet.
Spring Creek: 9 tables, 2 fire grates, toilet.
Spruce-Fir Exhibit: 3 tables, accessible toilet.
Steamboat Point: 4 tables, toilet.
Sylvan Lake: 8 tables, toilet.
Tuff Cliff: 3 tables, accessible toilet.
Virginia Cascade: 10 tables, accessible toilet.
Warm Creek: 7 tables, accessible toilet.
West Thumb: 7 tables (two accessible), accessible toilet.
Whiskey Flat: 18 tables (one accessible), 4 fire grates, accessible toilet.
Yellowstone River: 8 tables, toilet.