lost lake trail

Trailhead: Behind Roosevelt Lodge
Distance: 4 miles (6.4 km) roundtrip
Level of difficulty: Moderately strenuous

This moderately strenuous trail starts behind Roosevelt Lodge (Tower Junction) and goes into the forested hillside and climbs some 300 feet before coming to a fork. Take the west fork, which leads to Lost Lake in about a quarter of a mile. Waterfowl and beaver can be viewed at this scenic Lake.  Wildflowers are abundant in the wet spring months. The trail follows the shore of Lost Lake, heading north around a hill, eventually taking the hiker to the Petrified Tree, which is enclosed behind a fence to keep vandals away. To get back to Roosevelt Lodge, follow the trail at the northeast end of the Petrified Tree parking lot. You will climb a hill and then drop back down to the Tower Junction area. Hawks can frequently be seen atop the hill.

360 degree view of Lost Lake