Natural Bridge

Trailhead: Bridge Bay Marina parking lot near the campground entrance road
Distance: 3 miles (5 km) roundtrip
Level of Difficulty: Easy

The natural bridge is a 51 feet high cliff of rhyolite rock that has been cut through by the process of erosion in nearby Bridge Creek. The trail from the campground traverses a forested area for 1.2 mile before it joins the road and continues to the right (west) for 1 mile before reaching the Natural Bridge. A short but steep switchback trail to the top of the bridge starts in front of the interpretive exhibit. The top of the bridge is closed to hiking in order to protect the fragile rock. However, good views may be attained next to the bridge.

A bicycle trail to the bridge begins just south of the marina off the main road. The trail is closed from late spring to early summer due to bear management, as grizzlies feed on spawning trout in Bridge Creek during this time of year.

Virtual view of Natural Bridge