Trailhead #1: Loop C in Norris Campground
Trailhead #2: approx. 3/4 mile south of Beaver Lake Picnic Area
Distance: About 13 miles round trip
Level of Difficulty: Easy to moderate; highest climb is about 400 feet

Beginning in the Norris Campground, the trail traverses lodgepole pine forest as it follows Solfatara Creek for a short distance to the junction with Ice Lake Trail, then parallels a power line for most of the way to Whiterock Springs. It climbs a short distance up to Lake of the Woods, passing Amphitheater Springs and Lemonade Creek, two small thermal areas, before reaching the main road. Unless you planned ahead and have a car awaiting you in the parking area, you’ll have to turn around and retrace your steps to Norris Campground, or hitch a ride on the road.