Trailhead: Pullout at Indian Pond, 3 miles east of Fishing Bridge Visitor Center
Distance: 2 mile (3 km) loop
Level of Difficulty: Easy


If you would like to get a good view of Yellowstone Lake off the beaten path, without expending much effort, this could be the trail for you. This easy trail starts at the Indian Pond parking area, meanders through a large open meadow where wildflowers and waterfowl are common (as well as bison), then drops into the tree line until you reach Storm Point. Storm Point is a windy projection of rock that juts out into Yellowstone Lake. The view is great, with Stevenson Island and Mount Sheridan being to the south. Also, there is a marmot colony on Storm Point. The critters are usually easy to spot and are fun to watch, especially for kids. You can go back the way you came, or head west down the sandy shores of Yellowstone Lake, following a trail that leads along the Lake and then into the woods to the west, bringing you back to your starting point after a total of about 4 miles of hiking. WARNING: This area is known for its grizzly activity, and the trail is often closed because of grizzlies. Check at the Lake or Fishing Bridge ranger station before setting out. Make noise as you hike.

Take virtual trip to Storm Point -Trailhead Take virtual trip to Storm Point -at Storm Point