Tower Ski Map/Info

The Tower Junction Area

There are four ski trails in the Tower Area. The easiest, best-groomed trail is the Tower Falls Trail (2.5 miles one way), which follows the road (and the canyon of the Yellowstone River) from Roosevelt Lodge to the Tower Falls store. Bison and coyotes are frequently seen along the trail, and the canyon scenery (be sure to stop at Calcite Springs) is great. Once reaching the Tower store, you can hike down to the base of the falls for a truly spectacular close-up view of a frozen waterfall.

The Lost Lake Trail (five miles one way starting at the Petrified tree turnoff) is a bit more difficult, and takes the skier into the Yellowstone backcountry, offering spectacular views of mountains, forests, Lost Lake, streams and a waterfall — all covered in an unbroken blanket of snow. Elk and bison are also commonly spotted. This is a must-ski trail.

The seven-mile Blacktail Plateau Trail is quite difficult, and takes the skier through intermittent patches of forest burned by the 1988 fires. The ten-mile Chittendon Loop Trail is also difficult, running primarily through forested areas and offering a good downhill run.