Tower Jct to Cooke City

Yellowstone’s Northeast Entrance road – Tower Jct to Cooke City.

The Northeast Entrance road passes thru beautiful Lamar Valley, with views of the Absaroka Mountains towering above you. Soda Butte is a terrace of calcim carbonate and was formed by hot water dissolving the underlying limestone and bringing it to the surface.

Fishing Bridge to East Entrance

Yellowstone’s East Entrance Road

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Just East of Fishing Bridge

Mary Bay
Steamboat Point
Near Cub Creek
Sylvan Lake
Sylvan Pass
East Entrance

The East Entrance Road passes thru some of the most beatuiful alpine scenery in all of Yellowstone. The entrace is at 7,200 feet and the road climbs to 8,541 feet. Sylvan Lake is a popular stop along the East Entrance Road.

West Thumb to South Entrance

Yellowstone’s South Entrance Road.

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Grant Village Turnoff
South Entrance Road
Lewis Lake
Lewis Falls
Moose Falls
South Entrance

The South Entrance to Yellowstone leads from Grand Tetons National Park and the Rockefeller Memorial Parkway. A short distance from the south entrance is Moose Falls. Here Crawfish Creek tumbles down from the plateau toward the deep canyon of the Lewis River. Lewis Falls is another beautiful spot as it plunges 37 feet.

Norris Jct to Madison Jct

Yellowstone’s Grand Loop Road headed South from Norris Jct to Madison Jct

Norris Geyser Basin is the hottest most dynamic in all of Yellowstone. It’s star feature is Echinus Geyser. Echinus erupts to heights of 75 feet with an interval between 25 and 45 minutes.

The road leads thru Elk Park and Gibbon meadows. This is a good area to see elk and bison.

A short trail from Gibbon meadow leads to the Artist Paint Pots.

Beautiful Gibbon Falls drops 84 feet as it glides over the worn rock to the river below

Mammoth Hot Springs to Norris Jct

Yellowstone’s Grand Loop Road headed from Mammoth Hot Springs to Norris Jct.

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Near Liberty Cap
Silver Gate
Golden Gate
Swan Lake
Obsidian Cliff
Roaring Mountain
Approaching Norris Jct

Here at Mammoth Hot Springs, water doesn’t erupt like in the geyser basins but flows, gently from cracks. Hot water dissolves the underlying limestone and
deposits it on the surface forming these huge terraces. As we leave Mammoth Hot Spring heading south, the road passes thru Golden Gate. The road passes byObsidian Cliff, a “mountain of glass”. This rock formation is the same as rhyolite, but in this case, the rhyolite cooled so quickly that it did not crystalize. Instead, black glass was formed.

Fishing Bridge to Canyon

Yellowstone’s Grand Loop Road heading North from Fishing Bridge to Canyon.

Much of this section follows the beautiful Yellowstone River. The Mud Volcano are contains many interesting thermal features. Shown here is the Dragons Mouth.
A short hike leads to the Dragons Mouth and Sizzling Basin. One of the best spots in all of Yellowstone – Hayden Valley. This is a good place to see Bision, Coyotes, and Bear.

West Thumb to Fishing Bridge

Yellowstone’s Grand Loop Road heading North from West Thumb to Fishing Bridge.

Beautiful Yellowstone Lake is the largest at this high of an elevation. It is 20 miles long and 14 miles across and covers an area of 139 square miles. It has an average depth of 137 feet with the maximum depth being 320 feet.