Tower District Ranger Stations

Tower Ranger Station

The Tower District has no visitor center, museum, or formal interpretive contact stations.

The Division of Resource Management and Visitor Protection operates three ranger stations in the Tower District. These are located at Tower Junction, the Lamar Buffalo Ranch, and the Northeast Entrance. The Tower Ranger Station issues backcountry and fishing permits. The building, constructed in 1923, is a remodeled reconstruction of the second Tower Soldier Station, originally constructed in 1907.

The Lamar Ranger Station, located at the Buffalo Ranch in the Lamar Valley, provides emergency visitor services only. The ranger station is also used as housing for the Lamar ranger and is a historic structure (one of four at the Buffalo Ranch) on the National Register of Historic Places. It was constructed around the turn of the century.

The Northeast Entrance Ranger Station  is a National Historic Landmark that was constructed in 1934-35.