Park Regulations

Big Horn Sheep

All wildlife, especially bison and bears, can be dangerous. Keep your distance! Never approach, harass, or feed any animals, even small ones. It is against the law to approach within 100 yards of bears or within 25 yards of other wildlife or within any distance where harassment occurs.


Pets must be leashed; they are prohibited on trails and in the backcountry.

Camp and build fires only in designated areas. Hot springs and geyser areas are fragile and unstable; stay on trails to protect yourself and features. Throwing coins and other items into thermal pools damages them and is illegal.

Climbing in the Canyon area is dangerous and is prohibited.

Swimming or bathing in thermal pools or streams whose waters originate entirely from a thermal spring or pool is prohibited.

Boating and fishing permits are required and available at ranger stations. Boating is allowed only on lakes, which are dangerously cold. Fishing is limited in the Park.

Backcountry permits are required for overnight trips. Never hike alone and always register at the trail-head before your trip. Food must be stored properly. Vehicles and bicycles are prohibited on trails.

Hiker in Yellowstone backcountry

Maximum speed limit is 45 mph, lower when posted. Drive defensively! Traffic accidents cause more injuries to visitors than natural hazards. Use pullouts to watch wildlife and allow faster traffic to pass. Be alert for pedestrians and bicyclists. Driving off roads is not permitted.

Defacing park features, collecting natural or archeological objects, picking wildflowers, and littering are illegal. Store your valuables securely and lock your vehicle. Report thefts or accidents promptly to a ranger.

The information on this page is a condensed version of Park regulations.  You may also wish to view the entire Park Regulations.

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