Bicycling in Yellowstone

Bicycles on Yellowstone Road

Bicycling is permitted on established public roads, parking areas, and designated routes. There are no bicycle paths along roadways. Bicycles are prohibited on backcountry trails and boardwalks.

We strongly recommend that safety gear, including helmet and high visibility clothing, be worn by all bicyclists. Park roads are narrow and winding; most do not have a shoulder or shoulders are covered by gravel. During April, May, and June, high snowbanks make travel more dangerous. Road elevations range from  5300 to 8,860 feet (1,615 – 2,700 m). Relatively long distances exist between services and facilities.

Motorists frequently do not see bicyclists or fail to give them sufficient space on the road. Drivers sometimes pass on hill crests, blind curves, or in oncoming traffic. Vehicles, especially motor homes or those towing trailers, may have wide mirrors posing an additional hazard. For more information about bicycling in Yellowstone, ask at a visitor center.

Information courtesy of the National Park Service