Mystic Falls

How to Get There

The falls are located behind Biscuit Basin, near the Old Faithful Area.   After about .5 miles, the trail takes a fork.  The left-hand fork goes directly to Mystic Falls and is about one mile long.  It is an easy hike.  The right-hand fork also goes to the Falls, but is nearly two miles long and is uphill the first half-mile.  A great view awaits at the top of the ridge.  The entire loop is about three miles long.

Brief Description

For those who love waterfalls in particular, one of the best short waterfall hikes is Mystic Falls.  The longer route offers a fantastic view of the Upper Geyser Basin (Old Faithful Area) and the ridgeline which runs to the west.  Mystic Falls itself is a spectacular waterfall which cascades about 70 feet down off the Madison Plateau along the Little Firehole River.  It is a bit unique among Yellowstone’s waterfalls in that thermal activity is visible from the bottom all the way to the top of the falls, with clouds of steam rising from seemingly dozens of places at the top, sides and bottom of the waterfall.  Although one will likely encounter other hikers on the trail, the Mystic Falls trail is one of Yellowstone’s many quick getaway trails.