Upper Falls

How to Get There

Upper Falls is located just south of Canyon village.  Drive across Chittenden Bridge to Uncle Tom’s parking area to reach the trail head.

Brief Description and History

The Upper Falls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is neither as tall nor as popular as Lower Falls, but the 109 foot waterfall certainly merits a visit, as it is impressive in its own right.   

This falls was called the “upper falls” for the first time by members of the 1869 Folsom party who estimated its height at 115 feet.

Visitors to the Brink of the Upper Falls have throughout time found the power of the experience worthy of detailed description.   In 1870 N.P. Langford of the Washburn party wrote of his visit to the brink:

“Mr. Hedges and I made our way down to this table rock, where we sat for a long time. As from this spot we looked up at the descending waters, we insensibly felt that the slightest protrusion in them would hurl us backwards into the gulf below. A thousand arrows of foam, apparently aimed at us, leaped from the verge, and passed rapidly down the sheet. But as the view grew upon us, and we comprehended the power, majesty and beauty of the scene, we became insensible to the danger and gave ourselves up to the full enjoyment of it.”