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Planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park begins with a search for lodging options. Do you want to stay inside the Park, or nearby? In a hotel, lodge, or a cabin? There are many options. And since 1997, Yellowstone Net has helped millions of visitors plan their vacation to the nation’s premier national park. Book your reservation now.

From hotel rooms to historically magnificent structures to a variety of cabins or luxury accommodations, Yellowstone Net can help you choose the lodging option that is right for you.

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Whether you want to stay inside Yellowstone National Park or near the Park in one of the Gateway Communities, learn more about available lodging options with our Visitor Reviews.

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West Yellowstone

A bustling tourist town bordering Yellowstone National Park, West Yellowstone fills with vacationers in the summer season. Located at the Park’s west entrance, the town offers many hotels and other lodging options from which to choose. During the summer, more visitors stay in West Yellowstone’s lodging accommodations than any other location in the Yellowstone region. In addition to hotels and lodges, the town features a number of camping and RV parks.

But there is more than summer in West Yellowstone. During the winter months the town is home base for some of the best snowmobiling and cross country skiing in and near Yellowstone, as well as snowcoaching in the Park.

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The spectacular beauty of the Yellowstone River Valley and Yellowstone National Park are together like no place else on earth. Gardiner borders the north entrance to the Park, the nearby original gateway to Wonderland dedicated by Teddy Roosevelt in 1903. Founded in 1883 when the Northern Pacific Railway extended a line to a still-young Yellowstone National Park, Gardiner was then described by a traveling reporter as “… a picturesque burb of 200 hardy souls, with 6 restaurants, 1 billiard hall, 2 dance halls, 4 houses of ill-fame, 1 milkman and 21 saloons – the local favorite being Dr. Tippie’s, a neat and orderly establishment devoted to ameliorating the physical ills of mankind by dispensing invigorating liquors and soothing cigars.”

Today Gardiner remains a charming small town on the bank of the Yellowstone River, and the gateway to Yellowstone National Park, the world’s premier national park. Visitors have a number of hotels and other lodging options from which to choose. By lodging in Gardiner, you will have easy access to Yellowstone’s upper loop and the famed Lamar Valley, the best place in the Park to see wolves.

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