Old Faithful Inn

“A stunning place!”
A stunning place! We had a room with 3 queen beds. Our room was in the middle off the top balcony, so there was some noise from observation balcony below and parking lot and lobby, but it was not bothersome to us. It was nice to be able to sit outside room and read, listen to piano (even some barbershop singing!) in the evening. The room was almost too dark for reading even during the day. We wished we had packed book lights. One of the bathrooms had drainage and flooding problems and was freezing cold, so we started using the one in the other hallway, and it was just fine, cleaner drier and much warmer.

We were here three nights, which was too long for the kids who were more bothered by the trip down the hall to the bathroom than I expected. Still, I think everyone should stay here at least once, and sit on the balcony watching old faithful at night.
(Joyce from Ohio)

” … what better place to be …”
After a long day hiking around the Park, what better place to be than sitting up in the balcony of the Old Faithful Inn just letting your mind wander about the wonders you’ve seen or await you the next day.
(Visitor from Massachusetts)

“Old Faithful Inn is my favorite”

I have to say Old Faithful Inn is my favorite. I have not stayed everywhere in the park yet but I always want to go back there. It has such a wonderful character. I love the history. I enjoy the lobby too. (Visitor from Colorado)

“By far and away, my favorite location”

By far and away, my favorite location is Old Faithful Inn. There are only a few rooms in ‘Old House’ (the original part of the inn) with bathroom facilities–most have just a sink with shared bathing/toilet areas down the hall. Old House is…rustic…but full of history, and you really get a feel for the first park visitors when you stay there. The ‘newer’ addition, added much later, has great rooms with baths. We love the ‘parkish’ decorations, right down to the bear, moose and elk tiles in the bathroom. The dining room is very comfortable and the food good, although not excellent. (EXCEPT for the breakfast bar every morning…delicious and a good value. Fill up and you don’t need to eat again ’til dinner!) Make reservations for dinner early in the day, or even days (weeks, months) in advance, or the wait may be significant! (This is true of most of the nice dining areas in the Park.) While waiting for them to call you for dinner, sit upstairs in the balcony and listen to the piano music, watch people and have a drink (you will, of course, by then have seen Old Faithful go off 4 times–but if not, step out onto the veranda and watch at posted (approximate) times! What a kick!
(A visitor)

“clean and attractive … nice and historic”

We stayed for one night in the East Wing of the Old Faithful Inn. It was the most expensive night of our vacation, but we decided to splurge for our stay in this area of the park. We could see Old Faithful erupt from our 3rd floor room. The Inn was undergoing renovation, which did affect the look of the place both inside and out. Our room was clean and attractive, but didn’t have the log cabin look that the rooms in the older part of the Inn had. Still, we thought it was nice and historic in its own right. Our room had 2 double beds, and 4 adults fit okay. We walked around in the Geyser Basin after dinner ’til it got dark. It was great! Also loved hanging out in the giant common area.
(A visitor)

“… a childhood dream of mine … WAY overpriced”
We stayed one night at the Old Faithful Inn, and I would not stay there again. We stayed in a “premium” room, and I feel it was WAY overpriced. Okay, we stayed there because it was a childhood dream of mine, but I would not stay there again. It was quite an experience lugging our luggage to our room!