Old Faithful Snow Lodge


“Great location … Nice, new rooms”
Great location. Two of us got up at 5 a.m. and walked to Castle Geyser while the rest slept late. Nice, new rooms. Not much room to squeeze extra kids in to sleep on the floor. I would not recommend dinner at Old Faithful Inn. Even with reservations, the service was so slow (1 1/2 hours from ordering to being served) and the kids got too restless. Our breakfast at the Old Faithful General Store was very good.
(A visitor)


“lots of ambience …”
mallest of the 3 rooms we stayed in, but most expensive of the three rooms too. Almost too small for 4 people. Same setup as the other rooms we stayed in – separate shower/commode from sink area, 2 double beds, and a coffeemaker. Nice lobby in the lodge, lots of ambience and a place to relax at night if you so desired. Some families were playing monopoly in the lobby (or other board games), some people were sitting around the fireplace reading books. By comparison, the Old Faithful Inn lobby was a party. This was more subdued and more to our tastes, but again, we weren’t there for the lobby.
(A visitor from North Carolina)


“… very nice … a little expensive but worth it …”
found it to be very nice. It is a little expensive but worth it. Nice to gather in the lobby and listen to everyone singing around the piano after we have all spent a long day in the park. The food was very nice here as well but the service wasn’t that great in May. They do get very busy here though.

(Allen from Kentucky)


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