Mammoth Frontier Cabins

“convenient … meager accommodations”
These old cabins are nestled behind the Mammoth Springs Hotel. They are very old so don’t expect more than a place to sleep and shower. The frontier cabins have 2 double beds, a shower, toilet, and sink. The rooms are quite small, however, the convenience of being in the park was worth the mediocre accommodations and expense. My wife was not pleased with the cleaning staff. It appeared they didn’t vacuum the rooms very well, and we were constantly tracking in stuff from our hikes. Also, the carpeting was old, dirty, and definitely needed to be replaced. There is no air conditioning and the week we were there it was in the high 80’s and low 90’s. Cooling the room was accomplished by opening 4 large screened windows so you could get a nice breeze going through the room. Some of the cabins are duplexes, so you share a wall with neighbors. Fortunately, our neighbors were quiet so whatever soundproofing was present seemed sufficient.

Our cabin was B17, and it faced a nice grassy courtyard enclosed by other cabins. This was very nice for the kids as they enjoyed playing outside after dinner. However, I was surprised that the entire area was infested with ground squirrels, which have absolutely lost all fear of humans. No doubt, most of their diet is now provided by people feeding them. If you have fear of rodents, staying here may be a bit unnerving as the squirrels will readily approach you. My kids dubbed one of the squirrels “Fat Lard” since he was clearly getting more than his fair share of french fries.

The cabins are all within walking distance of the Mammoth Restaurant, grill, and general store which makes up a bit for the meager accommodations. Also, there are a number of other conveniences in Gardiner, Montana, which is only 10 minutes away by car. Of special note is the Laundromat in Gardiner. Its a decent place to do you laundry, and right next store is a little coffee shop.
(A visitor from Texas)

“Very quiet.”
We had two double beds and a bath. The sink was in a separate room, the toilet and shower were in a second separate room. The heater in the toilet/shower room did not work, but the heater in the main room did just fine (except for the night the power went out!). The unit was much roomier than OFL and it was a freestanding, single unit cabin. Very quiet.
(A visitor from Pennsylvania)

“Cabins were clean”
Cabins were clean. Ok the rest rooms were outside in a different building but look through the eyes of a 6 yr old who didn’t need prodding and was happy and ” we will go to bathroom outside in a different place”. it was really clean room. no problem at all.
(A visitor)

“Clean … comfortable beds”
I enjoyed the cabins at Mammoth. They are itty bitty tiny but clean with reasonably new and comfortable beds, and are close to the “action.”
(A Montana resident)