Canyon Cabins

“nice, new rooms … big lounge” (Western Cabins)
Nice, new rooms. Bigger than Old Faithful Snow Lodge – room for kids on the floor. Service is so slow, so ask for extra towels, blanket, pillows when you check in. It took 2 hours. Again, great location to get up early and enjoy the Canyon area before it gets crowded in the afternoon. Nice big lounge to read and relax in so you’re not stuck in the room if the kids fall asleep early.
(A visitor)

“Spacious … coffeemaker in room” (Western Cabins)
Spacious. Largest of the 3 rooms we stayed in. 2 double beds. Walls kind of thin so if you’re unfortunate to be around a party or share a wall with some partiers, then it could get annoying. We were fortunately there when it was quiet. It also got fairly chilly in the room which the heater never really overcame. Separate shower/commode from the sink, so it was possible to do your business while still allowing someone to use the sink. As an added bonus, there was a coffeemaker in the room, which we did not expect. However, you might want additional creamer and/or sweet-n-low as there is only enough for 2 cups of coffee.
(A visitor from North Carolina)

“Older rooms … decently priced” (Frontier Cabins)
Older rooms (duplex types) that are old but they are a place to sleep AND SHOWER (not sure they do vacuum) but, a step up from camping out! Heater was very adequate, would burn you out of the one we were in – radiator type … no A/C, but we didn’t need it, a cold front came through. No TV or phone … or coffee maker … but we didn’t need or want any of those things – we were out early and back late to shower and sleep — so they are decently priced and do the job we were looking for!
(A visitor from North Carolina)

“We loved the experience …” (Frontier Cabins)
We loved the experience of the buffalo roaming through the area/parking area. We had one sleep outside our window and could hear him snoring all night. They where there to greet us in the am scratching on the sides of the cabins and the little trees outside. LOVED IT!
(Joyce from Ohio)