Bighorn Sheep

Although Bighorn sheep prefer the grasses and sedges found in open meadows, they find safety on rocky ledges and rugged terrain. They are nimble and have a well-developed sense of balance, allowing them to seemingly walk on sheer cliffs and mountain sides. Newborn lambs are prey for eagles, mountain lions and bobcats. The tremendous horns of the male sheep are for the purpose of defending from predators and in battling among themselves for control of the harem. Battling rams will get a running start and crash head first, resulting in a sound similar to a rifle shot.

Where to find them

Bighorn are not often seen in Yellowstone, mainly because of the limited areas they are found. Look for them along the cliffs and steep hills on the road from Mammoth to Gardiner. Rocky outcrops in the Lamar Valley are also good places to look.